Faye Horne

Vocal Coaching

Faye Horne

Vocal Coaching

Do you want to learn how to sing your favourite songs and sound incredible?

Are you brand new to performing or do you want to expand your knowledge and master your talent.

By attending a one-to-one class, I can help you to become a confident, well-rounded and show-stopping performer.

I will be offering one-to-one vocal and performance coaching, both virtually and in-person in Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas. With over 15 years in the industry, I can help you become the best performer and singer that you can be.

In my lessons, we will cover the following:


You're trouble with a capital T, but I like trouble!
I think you've got a great voice..."

Simon Cowell

X Factor

"Wow, now that's why we're here today because of that right there! Your voice is so big and you're just not scared - I loved it, your voice is so beautiful!"

Kelly Rowland

X Factor

"Faye, I love it - absolutely mesmerising.

Well done - brilliant!"

Gary Barlow

X Factor
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